Did Chris Cuomo Photobomb His Wife's Yoga Video In The Buff?

Did Chris Cuomo Photobomb His Wife's Yoga Video In The Buff?
Credit: Source: Chris Cuomo/Instagram

Chris Cuomo is going viral on Monday for all of the wrong reasons. The New York Post broke the story that back in May, Chris' wife, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, was filming a yoga session when a man showed up live, on the Instagram video in the nude. Now, people believe that man was none other than her husband, CNN host Chris Cuomo. Though Chris reports the news he keeps finding himself as part of the story! This was evidenced when he contracted Coronavirus and reported live from the front lines (his basement where he was quarantined) to give viewers a first-hand look at what it takes to fight the virus at home.

And home, for Chris and Cristina is a mansion in the Hamptons and it is where the yoga video was filmed. There are many reasons to believe that Chris is the naked man in Cristina's video (because why would there be another naked man on her property beside her husband) but the man's build is very similar to Chris'.

Though viewers mostly see Chris Cuomo from the head up, those who have ever seen him report the news in a full-length shot or have seen him in a tee-shirt know that he's a physically buff guy. Cuomo works out, is fit and his height and body shape match the naked man's build.

Cristina quickly removed the video from Instagram, but not before eagle-eyed fans snatched up enough screenshots to keep the story trending.

You may see the New York Post's report on the story below.

The photo is going viral and several people who are against the New York Post are recommending that others view the photo on a different platform.

At this point, neither Chris Cuomo or Cristina Cuomo have spoken about the image and have neither confirmed or denied that it is Chris.

What do you think about the photo? Do you think that is really Chris Cuomo photobombing Cristina's workout video in the buff?

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