Did Beyoncé Copy Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood"?

Did Beyoncé Copy Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood"?
Source: EOnline.com

Joseph Kahn, the executive director of Taylor Swift's new video, "Look What You Made Me Do," knows how to generate controversy. In discussion with the publication, The Los Angeles Times, the director claimed he thinks Taylor's 2015 clip, "Bad Blood," was ripped off by Beyoncé.

The video he's referring to shows Swift, Selena Gomez, and Gigi Hadid as vicious warriors sporting automatic weapons.

Kahn - who is in the middle of the promotion of his new film, Bodied , at the Toronto International Film Festival - made his comments after Beyoncé fans claimed Taylor ripped off parts of "Formation," for her new video for "Look What You Made Me Do."

The scene in question is where Swift is wearing a black crop top, shorts, and fishnet stockings while dancing with male choreographers.

Fans claim the scene is too close to Beyoncé video for "Formation." Joseph responded by stating their accusations are baseless because Taylor wore a black crop top back in 2015 in the video, Bad Blood.

He added, "I do think, by the way, that Beyoncé copied, "Bad Blood." Joseph is more than aware that Bey's fans will not like his statement.

However, Kahn appears nonchalant, as the director declared, "Come get it beyhive. The candy is right here."

The director previously admitted that he's worked with Beyoncé several times. "She's an amazing person," but Taylor's new video "is not in her art space," with all due respect to the wife of Jay-Z.

This isn't the first time Taylor has been involved with alleged cases of plagiarism. CI readers will remember that some fans have speculated Taylor ripped off Kanye West's "Yeezus" album introduction as well as the font.

One Twitter user wrote that it seemed as though Taylor wanted to make a "trash" version of Kanye's album.

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