Diamond Jack From Love Is Blind Would Not Do A Season Two Of The Show While Her Ex Carlton Morton Wants A Second Chance

Diamond Jack From Love Is Blind Would Not Do A Season Two Of The Show While Her Ex Carlton Morton Wants A Second Chance
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Love Is Blind was the first can't miss Netflix Binge of the year. The most memorable couple was Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton.

The two fell in love with each other without even knowing what their physical appearance was. One they met and decided to get engaged, Carlton dropped a bomb that many people agreed should have come up in his hours of conversation -- he's a bisexual man.

Diamond's problem was not about Carlton's sexuality but instead that he waited until they were engaged to tell her. His reaction to her words caused one of the most dramatic scenes in reality show history where he went on a tirade against her and her looks.

Although he apologized at the reunion, Carlton went on to say some rude things after it was filmed.

News recently broke that Netflix is gearing up to do a second season of the show. Carlton has expressed interest in being given a second chance.

Meanwhile, Diamond doesn't think it would be fair for her to appear on season two.

While speaking with The Shade Room, Diamond explained: 'To be perfectly honest, I would not be able to join the 2nd season unless some rules are changed; I say this because the public seen my story. The experiment is based on getting to know the person on the inside rather than the outside appearance. Because I was on S1, people already know my appearance. Trying to date someone on S2, I feel like they would have an advantage because they know how I look and know some things about me already. If I was given the opportunity to participate for another dating show, I would consider it. I really want to do 'Dancing with the Stars' or 'Masked Singer.''


While she has made peace with what happened on Love Is Blind, she does have some regrets.

'I would not put my eggs all in one basket. At one point, I was locked in on Carlton instead of getting to know other guys. I would have pushed a little harder to get to know others.'

So you think Carlton should be on the second installment? What reality show would you like to see Diamond on?


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