Deyjah Shows Off Her Epic Clap-Back Game After Troll Suggested That She Has Male Parts -- T.I. And Tiny Harris Will Be Happy With Her Response

Deyjah Shows Off Her Epic Clap-Back Game After Troll Suggested That She Has Male Parts -- T.I. And Tiny Harris Will Be Happy With Her Response
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After a brief break, T.I.'s daughter, Deyjah Harris, has returned to social media with a series of dazzling pictures and epic clap-back that have some of Tiny Harris' fans saying she is indeed a queen.

It has been a very complicated month for the Harris clan.

T.I. recently lost his beloved sister, Precious, and the entire family has been spending time away from social media as they mourn her.

The teenage stepdaughter of Tiny is back on Instagram showing off her impressive figure in trendy yet age-appropriate outfits, and fans love them.

The young model had fans in awe in a red outfit, and she later made jaws dropped in a tie-dyed set. Some of her captions are captivating.

The 17-year-old wrote for one: "being classy isn’t a choice; it’s a lifestyle👑." She added: "still goin’ bad on ‘em anyway🤪."

Deyjah went on to say: "got you wishing there was two of me.⚡️" The bright young lady also had to this to say: "I just wanna be your favorite🧡."

However, one person decided to insult T.I.P.'s daughter, and she came out swinging and destroy the critic.

One fan told T.I.P.'s daughter: "Maybe I need to learn how to clap back without cursing 😂😂. Y’all better stop playing with Deyjah that’s TI daughter for real 😂I seriously come on your page just to steal outfits 🤣 anytime I need a cute fit Ik to look at your caption 😭. Damn your beautiful tip gotta keep the boys away from you."

Another commenter complimented Deyjah: "Well ppl will get a microscope just to try and point out something that’s not even anywhere but in their imagination. Smh 💯🙌🏽nice clapbk queen.Very! Humbling to see a Queen say princess and allow the PEOPLE to announce u as Queen when appropriate! Nice! Different! I like it! Love the fact that you respond to our followers and give as well as receive, and you have a wonderful heart and whats your fitness plan? My stomach needs it."

This supporter wrote: "She is such a classy roaster😂😂 I just love it! A pretty girl with even prettier brain😩🙌🏽♥️Girl you are the TRUTH! I love how you be putting these boys in their place. You are a queen and should be treated as such! I am praying for you and the family! 🙏🙏"

Another fan had this to say: "Why is everyone coming for her nowadays. She’s been pretty. Leave her tf alone before her father come and whip all y’all ass ❗️🤷🏽‍♀️his is a beautiful baby. I bet them little boys at her school be going crazy.😥Yassss Deyjah gorgeous humble young lady 💕💕💕I see you mama don't look like too much makeup to me young and beautiful."

Deyjah has a lot of character.

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