Deyjah Harris, T.I.'s Teen Daughter, Floors Fans With 6-Page Essay That Shows How Intelligent And Pragmatic She Is About This Important Topic

Deyjah Harris, T.I.'s Teen Daughter, Floors Fans With 6-Page Essay That Shows How Intelligent And Pragmatic She Is About This Important Topic
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Deyjah Harris has returned to social media to speak on a very important matter that affects millions of people who are sometimes aware of it, and others are not. The 19-year-old daughter of T.I. tackled mental health.

This is the second part of her emotional and passionate series on the issue -- she previously shared a private video -- this time around, she wrote a 6-page essay to help people.

The step-daughter of Tiny Harris wrote in part: "If you are aware of the fact that someone is dealing with mental health challenges, please do not wait to reach out to that person. Sometimes talking to someone about what’s troubling them is the first step to getting them the support they need. Waiting and assuming that they'll come to you first might take away time in providing them with a helping hand. If possible, provide an open and comfortable space that’s convenient for the both of you where you will have minimal distractions."

She went on to say: "While offering support to someone with their mental health, communicate with and approach them in a calm manner and try to stick to one topic at a time to let them know everything they are dealing with is worth listening to. It's important to note that you should avoid doing and saying things that might cause them to feel secluded or less than. Such as being sarcastic or making jokes about them or their situation, assuming things about their condition(s), patronizing them or saying anything insensitive like “other people have it much worse than you do, what do you even have to be depressed about” or simply downplaying their emotions and making it seem as if what they feel shouldn’t be cared for."

Deyjah continued with: "Instead, I would suggest that you TRY to understand what they feel and let it be known that you accept how they feel in each state. Saying affirmations like “even on your worst day, you’re still worthy of love, support, and care ” or asking questions like “is there anything that I can do to uplift and support you during this tough season?” can go such a long way. "

The college student then added: "Depending on their circumstances or personality, try to help them form and practice healthier coping skills or maybe take the initiative to plan something simple to show them that you’re involved and present in their lives. Be understanding and considerate when it comes to them interpreting and expressing their symptoms. Try not to make conclusions about what’s wrong or jump in too quickly with your own diagnosis/solutions. Acknowledge the reality of their struggle(s) and try not to project what YOUR reality is for THEIR situation. Communicate with them to identify their anxiety level and learn what their triggers are."

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