Deyjah Harris Shows Off Her Impressive Cooking Skills In New Videos -- Tiny Harris And T.I.'s Fans Applaud Her Many Talents

Deyjah Harris Shows Off Her Impressive Cooking Skills In New Videos -- Tiny Harris And T.I.'s Fans Applaud Her Many Talents
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Via Instagram, Deyjah Harris has posted a series of photos and videos that proved that she is one hell of a cook.

The 18-year-old daughter of rapper T.I. has been holed up at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, and she has taken upon herself to learn how to cook.

The college student showed off some delicious nachos, potatoes, penne pasta, and delicious rice and beans. Many applauded Tiny Harris's stepdaughter for being an impeccable chef.

She also took the opportunity to ask her fans to submit requests so she can cook them and give her recipes.

Deyjah wrote: "I shared this with twitter, so I wanted to share with you all too 🧚🏼‍♀️. I’m trying to teach myself how to cook for when I move out, but comment on some meals you’d like for me to show you all on my youtube channel.▶️"

One fan told her: "She needs to teach these other girls how to cook 🗣🗣would love this recipe. I couldn’t tell if they were scallops or potatoes either, but they look delicious."

This backer shared: "Omg, you did a fantastic job..wish I could cook like this😩, so when does the restaurant open?def those oreo cheesecake cookies😍 & something with shrimp. "

This follower claimed: "Fix me a plate, please 🤣🤣💯💯💯 damn that looks good. She is trying to seems like she already knows...I cant relate😭😭."

This person stated: "I'd have to say you're past trying, and you can cook now. These look like the plates home chefs advertise. Coming from a chef, you did awesomely! Keep trying new things, and remember nothing cant be mixed! try it."

Another supporter wrote: "My mouth watered ain’t going to lie. Looks better than a lot of these other celebs food. That looks so good; hopefully, her father won't say anything rude or criticized it.😩😭😭"

Deyjah has been making headlines for all the right reasons. Recently she tackled mental health in a post where she said: "Although it took forever😩, the mental health video has finally been uploaded on youtube. No matter what challenges you deal with, no matter where you are with your recovery, no matter how flawed you might be, there is nothing that needs to be added or taken away from who you are as a person. You can be happy and prosperous in all aspects of your life and STILL struggle. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. you’ll never be the exception to recovery, so just remember to treat yourself warmly. Eventually, every experience will get you exactly where you’re destined to be, and it’ll all make sense. We’re going to get through this. Again, I don’t have all of the answers, and I’m simply here to give light to wherever there’s darkness and connect with you all. You are never alone. It’s okay if your strength looks different this season. I hope you all learn to embrace everything that comes with you and your being, but most of all, as much as some of you might say I inspire you, I hope your own life inspires you. Thank you so much to anyone who showed me love and support; it’s more than appreciated.
enjoy 🧚🏼‍♀️."

Deyjah is moving forward in an interesting way.

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