Deyjah Harris And Zonnique Pullins Impress Mom Tiny With Their Latest Photos But A Caption Got T.I.'s Wife In Trouble

Deyjah Harris And Zonnique Pullins Impress Mom Tiny With Their Latest Photos But A Caption Got T.I.'s Wife In Trouble
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Mama Bear Tiny Harris is away from home, and she is missing her children. Tiny shared stunning pictures of her daughters -- Deyjah Harris and Zonnique Pullins.

In the photos, Deyjah and Zonnique both look very beautiful as always, but the caption that T.I's wife posted angered some of her fans.

Tiny used the expression like "I birthed her" while talking about Deyjah whose biological mother is Ms. Niko.

Tiny wrote: "Out the country missing all my babies but damn My Love @princess_of_da_south is So Damn BAD!! Proud mama like I birthed her!! Harris bunch just gets better wit time!! ?????"

This fan defended Tiny by replying: "She doesn't even look the same! I am confused... THAT IS LITTLE MISS HARRIS?? Baby girl has grown up.. @troubleman31 I know you are on Patrol for her.. oh mg..better hide her them damn boys going to be chasing her felt it was a little rude too but I think the emojis softened it up. Leave Tinya alone; she said “like” she birthed her. how is that disrespectful she is a splitting image of her mother."

Another commenter said the following: "What a beauty. Is this the little shy one that never wanted to be on camera? I was saying that Tiny was saying as she birthed her, not that she did birth her. She does look just like her mom. Daddy is going to have trouble; you are growing into such a beautiful young lady. Absolutely Beautiful."

This supporter had this congratulatory message to share: "I watched her on television... Wow, she has grown to be a lovely young lady... I remember her daddy talking to her about not giving out the sugar in her sugar bowl!?Congratulations to her and her family. I'm a mom of a 13-year-old daughter, and I know I'm going to cry the day she asks to wear makeup!"

This fourth person stated: "Girl, when the quiet one comes out! This child is so Beautiful, I know TI & her Brothers r watching her like a hawk, she’s just Beautiful inside& out. You are absolutely gorgeous!"

This blended family is succeeding where many have failed.

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  • J c Harris
    J c Harris Nov 12, 2018 1:35 AM PST

    I wish I had someone to love me unconditionally like that, people take things the wrong way

  • E
    E Nov 10, 2018 9:12 AM PST

    Get out y'all feelings. She said like I birthed her... Know the difference.

    • Truthbetold
      Truthbetold Nov 10, 2018 3:23 PM PST

      That is so true, all she is saying is that she loves her like she gave birth to her! Geezzzzz

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