Despite Rumors To The Contrary, Sylvester Stallone And Jennifer Flavin Have Called Off Their Divorce

Despite Rumors To The Contrary, Sylvester Stallone And Jennifer Flavin Have Called Off Their Divorce
Credit: pagesix

Page Six has independent confirmation that Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin's divorce case has been closed officially, two weeks after the couple decided to get back together.

On Friday, the attorneys representing the "Rocky" star notified us that their clients had filed a notice for the voluntary dismissal of the case in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Because the necessary paperwork was only submitted on Friday morning, the online court documents still need to reflect the change. On the other hand, another source has exclusively confirmed to Page Six that Sylvester Stallone, 76, and Linda Flavin, 54, have filed for a dismissal of their divorce and are now reunited and extremely happy.

The insider adds that the pair were recently seen out and about in New York City enjoying a nice dinner with their close friends, The Gores. They were in the Big Apple to promote Stallone's new program, Tulsa King, when they were there.

On Thursday evening, Stallone and Flavin did not attempt to conceal the fact that they had reconciled their relationship. They appeared to be entirely happy as they went out of The Polo Bar in Manhattan with their arms intertwined and big smiles on their cheeks. The Rambo star and the founder of Serious Skincare were seen leaving the establishment.

Late in September, the decision that the married couple had made to terminate their divorce proceedings was first reported by Page Six.

The actor's representative had earlier mentioned to us that Stallone and Flavin had a meeting back at home, where they discussed their problems and were able to resolve them. The representative also said Stallone and Flavin were both quite happy after the meeting.

The brief breakup lasted for only a single month. Then, on August 19, Flavin submitted a petition for divorce, claiming in the documents filed with the court that their 25-year marriage was irretrievably dissolved.

When Stallone covered up two tattoos that he acquired in honor of his wife and Flavin was seen without her wedding ring, it gave the appearance that Stallone was pushing through with the divorce of his marriage. Flavin was also seen without her wedding band.


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