Despite Adam Levine's Claim His Wife Isn't Pregnant Some Fans Still Believe They're Having Another Child

Despite Adam Levine's Claim His Wife Isn't Pregnant Some Fans Still Believe They're Having Another Child
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There are rumors swirling around social media at the moment regarding Adam Levine and his wife, Behati Prinsloo. According to social media, Levine's wife is pregnant with their third child, but Adam Levine recently came out to address this claim.

Earlier this year, the supermodel posted a black-and-white photograph which many people online thought was a sonogram, however, the supermodel took to her account to say it wasn't a sonogram at all.

Additionally, Levine took the denial even further and stated to Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show recently that "she's not currently pregnant." Levine joked that if he asked her to have another child, she would probably punch him right in the "f*cking face." In other words, Prinsloo isn't ready for another baby.

As fans of the couple know, Levine and Prinsloo already have two children, including Dusty Rose, 3, and Gio Grace, who's 2-years-old. With all that said, not everyone on social media is convinced he's telling truth because of the aforementioned social media post.

As one person on Instagram put it, "I think Adam and Prinsloo are just trying to keep it on the down-low due to a fear of miscarriage. Celebrities don't like to tell everyone about their pregnancies until the pregnancy is further along."

Regardless, Prinslo addressed the social media rumors when she said that it wasn't a sonogram picture, it was just a special black and white photo that she thought was kind of cool and interesting. That was the only reason she threw it up there.

However, as it was noted above, social media users still aren't buying it. Prinsloo has said in the past that she wouldn't be against having another child anytime soon though. During a conversation with People Magazine, she claimed that it "wasn't out of the question."

Suzy Kerr reported on Levine's comments earlier today in which he stated that there wasn't a chance they were going to have another child anytime soon. It looks like it's not happening, for now at least.

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