Desiigner Explains Why He Left Kanye's Record Label GOOD Music

Desiigner Explains Why He Left Kanye's Record Label GOOD Music
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This past year, the eccentric rapper, Desiigner, left his record contract with Kanye West's record label, GOOD Music, and now, he's explaining what led to his departure. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a conversation with the young artist earlier this week.

Followers of the artist know that he first exploded with the song, "Panda," back in 2016. However, he soon disappeared and appeared to never release any new music. Desiigner looked to be on top of the world and things were going well for him, but he never lived up to expectations.

You can check out this YouTube interview below to hear more for yourself:

Back in 2019, Desiigner announced he was moving on from his business deal with Kanye West's company, GOOD Music, and nobody knew why he was making that decision. During a conversation with Everyday Struggle on the 14th of May, the rapper explained why he made the decision to leave.

According to Desiigner, he was hearing a lot of criticism around the GOOD Music record label, including some comments about him sounding like the Atlanta artist, Future. Desiigner said he "just didn't want to be around that s**t."

Moreover, Desiigner claims he struggled to speak with Kanye West directly, the owner of the label. He could never get him on the phone to discuss his problems. He went on to say that he's still got fans all around the world who appreciate his music, so he intends on continuing to release music in the future.

Regardless of his dealings with GOOD Music, Desiigner claims he's been in the studio non-stop. Speaking on his contract with GOOD, Desiigner claims the whole deal just made him feel "uncomfortable."

As you may or may not know, Kanye's record label features many artists including Pusha-T and others. The label sparked controversy when they featured a picture of Whitney Houston's bathroom in the art for Pusha T's Daytona record.


Around that same time, Kanye, Drake, and Pusha-T sparked controversy when Pusha-T began attacking Drake publicly for his baby momma and history as an artist.

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