Derick Dillard Claims This Is The Reason He Is No Longer On 'Counting On'

Derick Dillard Claims This Is The Reason He Is No Longer On 'Counting On'
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Former Counting On star Derick Dillard continues to insist that TLC did not fire him from his wife Jill Duggar’s reality show because of his transphobic Twitter rant against fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings. In a series of new tweets - which he has since deleted - Dillard claims that he and Duggar both quit Counting On because their “bogus contract” with TLC was keeping them from their missionary work.

In November 2017, TLC fired Dillard after he turned his conservative beliefs into a social media attack against a teenager. Dillard went after Jennings, star of I Am Jazz, by calling her show “an oxymoron” because it was a “reality” show that followed “non-reality.”

“Transgender is a myth. Gender is not fluid. It’s ordained by God,” wrote Dillard.

He went on to accuse Jennings’ parents of child abuse because they allowed her to begin her transition so young, and he said the media shouldn’t encourage “this kind of thinking.”

Not long after, TLC cut ties with Dillard by releasing a statement saying that he hadn’t participated in the show for months, and they had zero plans to feature him on Counting On in the future.

After Dillard lost his job, Duggar quit the show, but he says that TLC never fired him. Instead, he claims that he decided that it was time for him and his wife to leave because starring on Counting On was interfering with their missionary work.

Derick and Jill got married in 2014, and a year later they moved to Central America to do mission work after TLC canceled 19 Kids & Counting. A few months later, the network created the spin-off Counting On to focus on the lives of the two married Duggar daughters at the time - Jill and Jessa.

Since then, more Duggars have gotten married and joined the cast, and Derick and Jill have quit their mission work and moved back to Arkansas. After they left the show he started law school at the University of Arkansas.

When a Twitter user named Pickles4Truth recently asked Derick about why he no longer does missionary work, he wrote a confusing response.

“TLC wouldn't release us from a bogus contract that we weren't even aware of,” wrote Dillard.

Pickles replied with another question because they were confused: “You quite missionary work because of TLC? I’m not following your train of thought.”

“What do you mean you don't follow? It makes perfect sense considering the fact that thats (sic) why we quit filming - TLC kept trying to keep us from missionary work,” wrote Dillard.

Yes, Derick Dillard still says it was his decision to leave the show, and TLC will never say they fired him because he and Jill wanted to go and the network didn’t want that to happen.

New episodes of Counting On will return to TLC in October.


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