Derek Hough's Five Best Dance Videos

Derek Hough's Five Best Dance Videos
Credit: Source: Derek Hough/Instagram

Derek Hough is an amazingly talented dancer and singer and it would be absurd to try and select five of his greatest dance videos of all time. Because he has been dancing practically all his life, the following selections are those gleaned from his Instagram account, where he has 2.6 million followers. The 35-year-old dancer has been spending the Coronavirus quarantine with his girlfriend and fellow dancer Hayley Erbert.  The two are deeply in love and many suspect there will be an engagement announcement soon.

Derek currently judges World of Dance with Ne-Yo and Jennifer Lopez and is one of the most popular dancers worldwide. In the videos below, you may see some of Derek Hough's best dance videos as posted to his Instagram account.

In the first video listed below, Derek Hough is dancing with Arielle Vandenberg when her boyfriend, a very emo Matt Cutshall comes into the studio and announces he can dance. What transpires is a very memorable performance to the Jared Leto fronted band 30 Seconds To Mars song "The Kill."

Felt EMO might delete later.

In the second video, Derek dances with his girlfriend Hayle Erbert and it is astonishing. To imagine this is how they spend their time as a couple is phenomenal.

Long day at work, but still needed to get some practice in with @hayley.erbert so we cranked it out in the garage. I’m wearing an oxygen restriction mask to help me build up my stamina quicker. It’s like practicing in the mountains instead of sea level. Yikes! It hurts, but helps push those lungs. Let’s go! Still needs some finesse but feels good to get training. #dance #garageband #garagedance

Derek proves that when you are born to dance, you can find inspiration anywhere and with anything.

Every moment can be made into an uncomfortable dance #dance #worldofdance #nbc @nbcworldofdance MAY 26th SEASON 4

Though not a video, this photo just deserves to be here.

Derek and Hayley have their love on full display in the following video — literally.

L-O-V wait for the E

If you missed the Disney Sing A Long you're in luck because Dererk posted the full video where he is joined by his sister Julianne Hough and his girlfriend Hayley Erbert.

Disney Sing Along

Full Performance in case you missed it:) Enjoy 😊
What was your favorite part?

Again, this is not a dancing video, but it deserves to be here due to Derek singing along with the theme from the Golden Girls.

This may be the most amazing video of Derek Hough dancing you will ever see. Prepare to be amazed!

What do you think about Derek Hough's dance moves? Which video was your favorite?

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