Department Of Homeland Security And FBI On Look Out For Shooters Amid Joker Opening In Theaters

Department Of Homeland Security And FBI On Look Out For Shooters Amid Joker Opening In Theaters
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According to a report from, authorities from the federal government have issued warnings to local law enforcement officials, urging them to pay attention to social media posts related to the debut of the critically acclaimed movie, Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips.

Starring the aforementioned Mr. Phoenix, authorities are concerned the movie will suffer a similar fate as the debut of The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, where a shooting occurred in a cinema near Denver, Colorado.

Both agencies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Department of Homeland Security, issued a bulletin warning for the potential for violence, although, they didn't have any threats at that time. Reportedly, federal agencies have been paying close attention to social media posts related to the movie.

The federal advisory claimed that the level of "threatening language"online might lead to a catastrophe in the public. Todd Philipp's Joker has been praised for its dive into the psyche of the lead character.

Interestingly, the film that suffered the attack in Aurora, Colorado, back in 2012, chose not to screen the movie. The United States Army reportedly warned soldiers at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, and the LA police claimed they would post personnel at several movie theaters.

Moreover, other businesses and establishments implemented prevented measures ahead of the screening of the movie, including the prohibition of masks at theaters, as well as costumes and "painted faces."

Warner Brothers, the movie's distributor, issued a statement claiming their intention wasn't to glorify aggressive behavior and violence. Their statement claimed that the movie, as well as the studio, don't promote the character as a "hero."

This report comes after two different theaters in Huntington Beach, California, canceled the screening of the movie on account of what was reported as "credible threats." Police went to the scene of the purported threat and worked in collaboration with theater managers to temporarily shut down the movie. However, they have since continued screening today.

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