Dennis McKinley Surprises Fans By Revealing His Big Plans For Porsha Williams

Dennis McKinley Surprises Fans By Revealing His Big Plans For Porsha Williams
Credit: Credit: Instagram

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams recently took to social media to share a few sweet pictures where she is showing off her curves while Dennis McKinley flaunts his weight loss.

Fans are obsessed with the pair who have been making headlines thanks to the Bravo show, their baby girl, Pilar Jhena, and their upcoming wedding.

While it seems that the world knows the ins and outs of the romance, the pair has managed to keep some details private -- that is until now.

In a new interview with Rolling Out magazine, Dennis spilled the tea on his plans with his lady love.

The businessman explained:"The wedding is planned tentatively for New Year’s Eve, so I’m sure the show is going to show us planning a wedding really fast. But other than that I’ve been doing business for years outside of the celebrity world, and Porsha’s been capitalizing on her celebrity. But by the two of us being together you should expect to see Porsha diversifying her business outside of entertainment. At the same time, she is teaching me a lot about how I can do more with the entertainment side. So you will definitely see elevation on both sides. That’s what love and the right partnership does, right?"

One person told the pair: "He looks like he lost wait😍😍😍Y'all look so good together...I love it😍😍You Really Showed Me To Never Give Up On Love... You Really Got Everything You Ask for and sum."

Another commenter stated: "Porsha, you are so beautiful!! My favorite RHOA always 💞💞👑
All kinds of bad stuff coming at Dennis...hate seeing it and hope it's not true...u guys make a great couple, and u deserve the best."

This supporter wrote: "Nobody can talk bad about that shape...NOT EVEN A MOOSE...happy for you guys!!!Dennis cheesin like "yeah this my woman" I’ve watched and supported you since the day you joined real housewives of ATL and trust me you deserve all you have today, and all your about to build and grow with this good man by your side in your next chapter 💯 those hard days were only preparing you to identify and truly embrace the very best you actually deserved waiting around the corner for you 💯❤️
🤗🤗🤗 lol 🙌🙌"

This fan wrote: "Looking good together, you got your king 👑 , and he got his queen 👸 and princess. God is good, seal it by Gods blessing. 👏, celebrate good times and the gift from God, that beautiful baby."


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  • Charlotte
    Charlotte May 22, 2019 10:12 AM PDT

    Porsha I think you and Dennis are beautiful together and you have a beautiful baby girl don't let anyone come in between you and your relationship let the haters hate and you continue to love I've been watching Atlantic Housewives forever and I always enjoyed watching since you been on The show you are my favorite. Love you girl.

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