Dennis McKinley Shares Gorgeous Photo Of Porsha Williams' Push Gift After Giving Birth To Baby Pilar Jhena

Dennis McKinley Shares Gorgeous Photo Of Porsha Williams' Push Gift After Giving Birth To Baby Pilar Jhena
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New dad and fiancé Dennis McKinley has decided to shower Porsha Williams with a very expensive push gift and by the smile on her face she loved it.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is celebrating the best time of her life.

On March 22, Porsha and fiancé Dennis welcomed their first child together, a healthy and beautiful daughter named Pilar Jhena McKinley.

Upon her return home with baby PJ, Porsha received a fancy Rolex watch from her future husband.

In a recent interview, Porsha said this about her pregnancy: “The thought of me getting that blessing after praying for it for so long and getting that blessing with someone who is just as excited as me — it’s Dennis’ first child, just like me — and it’s something we’ve both always wanted … It’s like a dream come true.”

She revealed this about her boo: “I believe he’s probably shed more tears during the process than me. It’s just the sweetest moment of my life right now.”

The reality TV star concluded by: “The pregnancy came from the left, but it definitely has brought us closer together because you realize when it sets in that you are actually bringing a life to this world, that you have become family overnight. So now a lot of the things that we had talked about are a reality, and we work really hard at wanting to be a good couple and build a strong foundation for our new family that we’re going to have.”

One fan told the new mom: "I can't wait to see my Instagram niece... 💗💗💗💗 love yall... and many blessings to u and our entire family."

Another commenter said: "Babi you wore this pregnancy like some red bottoms slayed for all gawds I can’t ever compete congrats on the bundle of joy ♥️🛎♥️"

This supporter shared: "Congratulations 😘😘 love the name 🥰🥰but where’s the baby ?!! I done watched you all year. I feel like I was pregnant too now stop playing and show me, my niece. 😂😂🤱🏽"

Porsha looks amazing and fans are proud of how she handled the journey.

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  • KManuel
    KManuel Mar 27, 2019 11:10 PM PDT

    Congratulations and many more beautiful blessings on your beautiful baby girl.

  • Vernessa MacMurray
    Vernessa MacMurray Mar 26, 2019 2:03 PM PDT

    This is the "first" reality show baby that I really looked forward to being born, welcome to the World Pilar (beautiful name). Congratulations Porscha and Denis!

  • Deidra
    Deidra Mar 26, 2019 4:49 AM PDT

    I hope u continue to have a smile ur face cus reality sets in and u become scare and frighten cus u wat the best fo ur daughter u r going to cry when she starts school u going to cry on her prom date and u r going to cry when she say I do so keep plenty of tissue u r going to need it but most of all u going to cry cus u wat to protect her at every cost no matter wat but jus b there fo her and love her and tell her abt her beautiful blackness and tell her abt her advantages and disadvantages of being a beautiful blk woman! And she will go far much love too u and ur dollbaby!!

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