Denise Richards Says Former Husband Charlie Sheen Intended To ‘Bleed’ Her ‘Dry’ Amid Their Divorce

Denise Richards Says Former Husband Charlie Sheen Intended To ‘Bleed’ Her ‘Dry’ Amid Their Divorce
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Denise Richards made it very clear that, her legal separation from the actor was definitely not cheap. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed that her bank account was pretty much emptied amid her divorce with Charlie Sheen and that is exactly what he intended!

This is what the reality TV celeb suggested while a guest on the August 7 episode of the Daddy Issues podcast.

Now, since she is part of RHOBH, Denise has found her footing but at the time, she relied on a different show to earn a living amid the costly divorce from Sheen.

Referring to Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, the celeb told hosts Adam Hunter and Nicky Paris that ‘Back during the show I did at E!, I had to do that. I had too many legal bills with my ex-husband.’

Denise then went on to state that he told her something and that was that he had some bad intentions as far as her wallet was concerned.

‘He said he wanted to bleed me dry, and he did. Those legal fees add up quite fast.’

As it turns out, the whole thing also affected her ability to find any gigs or jobs in the industry.

Richards explained on the podcast that ‘It was difficult for me to get a job back then because I was perceived as doing something very [negative] with Charlie, so that was very hard…when you’re misunderstood and you want to keep your personal life private and when it’s out there.’

And that was not even all! Amid all the drama with Sheen, Denise was actually still carrying their second baby, daughter Lola. What a nightmare!

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