Denise Richards Reveals Camille Grammer Made ‘Offensive’ Comments During The RHOBH Reunion But Were Edited Out

Denise Richards Reveals Camille Grammer Made ‘Offensive’ Comments During The RHOBH Reunion But Were Edited Out
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There was definitely a lot of drama going on during season 9 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and during the reunion but, Denise Richards says some of the most outrageous interactions did not even make it on screen! According to her, co-star Camille Grammer went quite far and made some ‘offensive’ comments.

She implied that there were some racist things said but of course, it looks like the footage was scrapped during the editing process.

But after she saw a fan site article titled: ‘Camille Grammer Asks if Denise Richards Was ‘on Something’ During WWHL Episode and Slams RHOBH Co-Stars as ‘Hypocrites,’ Plus Does She Still Talk to Lisa Vanderpump?’ Denise just had to reveal what she knew.

The reality TV celeb took to Twitter to dish: ‘@TheRealCamilleG needs to thank her lucky stars that bravo didn’t air some of her comments during the season and at the reunion. My youngest daughter’s biological father is African-American I found some of her comments quite offensive.’

She did not, however, reveal what the other had said that was so offensive.

Besides, Denise did not really get much support from the show’s fans since her post came after she asked Camille if she was on ‘something’ during the reunion.

One user slammed her, telling Denise that ‘You sunk low when u asked if Camille was on something. You knew what u were doing and it was dirty. Then u come on WWHL looking completely out of it. So u really shouldn’t be so defensive when what u say about others comes back and hits u. That’s when we think before we speak Denise.’


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  • Bye Camille
    Bye Camille Aug 3, 2019 2:19 PM PDT

    Go home Camille.

  • Jane
    Jane Aug 3, 2019 9:41 AM PDT

    Denise is amazing. Camille is disgusting. She should have lost more than just her paid for house.

  • Mommy of three
    Mommy of three Aug 3, 2019 6:14 AM PDT

    I believe Denise, Camille seems like a real two faced jerk. No wonder her man left her, while working in NY! God bless Denise for adopting an African American child. I love her even more now!!!!!!!

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