Denise Richards - Here's Why She Decided To Break Her Silence On The Open Marriage Rumors!

Denise Richards - Here's Why She Decided To Break Her Silence On The Open Marriage Rumors!
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Amid reports that Denise Richards has an open marriage and that she had a thing with RHOBH co-star Brandi Glanville, Denise decided to discuss the rumors. How, one insider reports claims to know why the reality TV star decided to break her silence on this.

The source told HollywoodLife that Denise actually has ‘no idea where the rumors about her having an open marriage with Aaron even came from, but they of course upset her.’

Not too long ago, Denise replied to a follower who wondered whether or not she and Aaron really are in an open relationship.

Denise stressed that the two of them are in a happy, monogamous marriage.

The open marriage talks came not too long after speculations that she and Brandi had an affair for months in the beginning of last year.

This has taken a toll on Denise, it seems: ‘She seems to be the main target this season. The feeling is that Brandi has been out to get her to start drama. Denise holds her own despite them getting into it, although she did not attend one of the parties because she did not want to give Brandi a filming platform for more drama.’

Indeed, while neither one of the ladies has addressed their affair speculations directly, Brandi has actually been hinting that it’s all true!

When Denise finally spoke on the allegations, the insider explains that it was for her family, her kids, in particular.

It also sounds like the drama has pushed Denise to want to leave the show sooner than you’d think.

The source dished that ‘Denise plans to finish the season, but the jury seems to be out whether she continues after that. Aaron will support Denise doing the series as long as she has fun doing it. He got himself involved in some of that drama this season because he had to back up his wife on several occasions, which were hard for him.’


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