Denise Richards Explains Why Her Eyes Were Red At The RHOBH Reunion -- She's Not On Drugs

Denise Richards Explains Why Her Eyes Were Red At The RHOBH Reunion -- She's Not On Drugs
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Denise Richards has a busy schedule. On top of filming for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the mother of three is also a booked and busy actress.

When it came to the reunion, many people commented on her appearance. She had red eyes and appeared to be exhausted -- which is understandable.

However, some took it as an opportunity to accuse her of using drugs which she had to shut down in addition to explaining her eye color.

When it comes to the bloodshot eyes -- it's known among her associates that she is allergic to makeup powder.

Richards explained: 'I am allergic to powder, I’ve tried so many. I hate it. As soon as it’s used on my face, my eyes get bright red immediately. And my nose runs(so lovely) At first drops help, but as the day goes on, nothing does. If anyone knows of a make up powder that could help please please let me know. On this production in Spain they even had to switch to cream shadows and blotting paper. Any make up artist that has worked with me & still works with me knows this about me & we would love any input on this.'

As far as why she looked stressed -- blame it on her busy schedule.

When responding to a fan who claimed she runs away and that she was clearly on drugs during the season, Denise retorted: 'I don’t run away. I like to deal [with] stuff [and] move on. When it’s brought up over [and] over a person can only take so much [and] I think it can become boring I work my a** off shooting a few jobs at the same time [and] taking care of my kids would not be able to if I did drugs [and] have never have done them.'

What do you think about Denise's responses?

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