Denise Richards And Brandi Glanville - The Other ‘RHOBH’ Ladies Reportedly ‘Trying To Stay Out Of’ Their Affair Drama!

Denise Richards And Brandi Glanville - The Other ‘RHOBH’ Ladies Reportedly ‘Trying To Stay Out Of’ Their Affair Drama!
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As viewers of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills might have realized, most of the cast members believe that the affair between Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards did happen. However, regardless of what they think, the ladies really don’t care what the truth is at the end of the day!

There's no doubt that the drama between Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville has pretty much taken over this season of the RHOBH and so, all the other co-stars have no choice but get involved in the discussion.

However, one insider report claims to know that this is the last thing they want and are actually trying to stay out of the cheating scandal as much as possible.

This comes after affair speculations that Brandi Glanville has been trying to prove happened while Denise has been vehemently denying.

Therefore, following Brandi’s allegations that she and Denise were intimate for months and that the latter is in an open relationship with her husband, Denise slapped her with a cease-and-desist letter, only escalating the drama even more!

It’s a very messy situation that one insider tells HollywoodLife ‘The other ladies are really trying to stay out of.’

‘They’re all just trying to keep their mouths quiet, especially after Brandi was served the cease and desist so they see she means business and they don’t want to deal with that. They just want [Denise] to be truthful and feel like she’s not about a variety of things, but they really don’t care if she did or didn’t have the affair. Most of them seem to believe Brandi.’

Furthermore, the source told the same news outlet that outside the reunion episode, the other cast members have not gad any interactions with Denise Richards.

‘Outside of the reunion, they haven’t really spoken to her except for Garcelle. They have a group text that they’ll chat on about certain things and Denise will reply when she needs to, but that’s it.’


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