Denise Richards Addresses The Affair Rumors With Brandi Glanville After She Posts Kissing Pic!

Denise Richards Addresses The Affair Rumors With Brandi Glanville After She Posts Kissing Pic!
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After Brandi Glanville shared a picture in which it looked like she and Denise Richards were kissing, the latter responded to the affair rumors! As fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills know, speculations that the two women hooked up have been going around for months and everyone is still waiting for that one episode of the show that will finally reveal the truth!

For the time being, however, Denise has been vehemently denying that she and her husband have an open marriage and that she had an affair with Brandi while the other has been suggesting the opposite!

The latest move in their online drama came from Brandi who shared a rather grainy pic of her and another woman kissing.

While it definitely looked like the other lady was Denise, there were still some people who doubted it, some even accusing Brandi of posing with a look-alike just to cause more drama.

In response to those theories, however, Brandi came back to her platform of choice to a ssure them that the pic showed Denise a ‘million percent!’

Denise Richards rarely ever addresses the affair speculations so fans were taken aback earlier today when she mentioned it during an interview with [email protected] co-host Eve.

‘Brandi Glanville is making wild claims saying that you were hooking up and I need to know what your reaction is,’ the host wondered.

In response, Denise said that ‘I love for things to play out on TV instead of social media. But the stuff that has been out there, I've been through it in the media with claims being made, and for me, personally, this is like kindergarten. So I am like well, whatever. We will just let it play out on the show.'

As you can see, Denise chose not to address the kissing pic that’s been making so many headlines.

Eve pressed on, however, wanting to know more: ‘Why is she doing this?’

Denise argued that ‘I can’t speak for anyone else.’


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