Denise Richards Addresses The Aaron Phypers Open Marriage Rumor

Denise Richards Addresses The Aaron Phypers Open Marriage Rumor
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Amid rumors that Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville had a months-long affair last year, there were also speculations that it was not cheating at all since Denise and her husband Aaron Phypers have an open marriage. Now, she is addressing the reports – here’s what she had to say!

So does the pair have an open marriage or not? Her response comes after she previously denied any part of the rumors were true, including that she hooked up with her Real Housewives co-star.

It all began with a fan wondering whether or not Denise’s husband had a brother, which then turned into a chain to which she eventually responded since the topic turned to the rumor that she and her hubby have an open marriage.

‘We actually don’t have an open marriage,’ she commented.

The next part of the chain was a follower saying that they ‘read somewhere’ that Denise and Aaron really did have an open marriage.

Once again, Denise stressed that ‘absolutely not. 100% monogamous to my husband.’

The comments were posted under some snaps of Denise and Arron in a healing club in Malibu.

The caption read: ‘Hubby shooting something really cool at his center @q360club so happy for him🙏🏻 he helps so many people and is the most selfless and giving person I’ve ever met. ❤️@aaronwilliamcameron.’

The silly first picture as well as the third one really showed the couple was having a lot of fun together.

The second photo, however, was of a cameraman, since the man was apparently shooting something exciting at the health club.

This is not the first time Denise denies she was ever involved like that with Brandi.

However, the other woman has been hinting that their affair actually did happen!

'There is a huge difference between hooking up with someone a couple of times and having a romantic relationship with someone,' Brandi tweeted last month.


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