Demi Moore Took Her Puppy To The Louvre Though Being Against The Rules To Appear With Pets

Demi Moore Took Her Puppy To The Louvre Though Being Against The Rules To Appear With Pets
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Despite being against the rules to appear with animals, the actress brought a pet to the Paris Museum. Demi Moore uploaded images on her social media accounts of a chihuahua named Pilaf with the artworks and statues of the museum in the background.

Moore titled the series "Pilaf takes over the Louvre." The actress' subscribers questioned how she was able to carry Pilaf inside and where the museum staff was looking in the comments section.

I wanted to remind people that attractive and sensual clothing doesn't have to reveal everything, she stated.
Moore spoke candidly to Women's Wear Daily in 2019 about her life with her dogs and her willingness to fall in love once more.

She added, "I feel that this time has truly been about being in a relationship with myself, and that relationship needed to be whole and complete before I could really open to someone else."

"I'm hoping that someday when the time is right, I'll find a companion." Although I've grown somewhat accustomed to being by myself with my seven dogs, I believe that humans are a social species and are not meant to be alone.

I do sleep with dogs, as my aunt got me a pillow that says, "I sleep with dogs," but perhaps I can clear some space in the king-size bed."

In a previous post, Demi Moore partners with up-and-coming Los Angeles brand Andie to introduce a line of vintage-inspired swimwear.

Demi Moore acknowledged that she had only ever created clothing "in her head." Ten swimwear models are part of the Demi Moore x Andie collection.

They come in sizes XS to 3XL and are all made of fabrics from Italy and France. According to the actor, she wanted to design straightforward and comfy swimsuits that everyone would feel at ease wearing while working on the models.


Demi Moore noted that her swimwear line comes very close to the revealing bikinis that are currently all over social media.

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