Demi Moore Talks Sexism And Joining 'Empire'

Demi Moore Talks Sexism And Joining 'Empire'

Demi Moore is the latest actress to join the star-studded cast of Empire as fans have gotten a peek at her role as Lyon's nurse and caretaker, Claudi, during the third season's finale. In a new interview, while promoting the fourth season, the legendary actress opened up about the very start of her career.

Just as a recap, Moore starred in several "feminist" type films in the 1990's including Striptease - although it was a box office bomb - and GI Jane, a role for which she had to shave her head.

At the time, it was fairly unorthodox for a woman too, not only be in a military-themed movie but to also remove all of their hair for a role.

In her films, GI Jane and Indecent Proposal, the movies dealt with the variety of different forms of the female antagonist and protagonist.

According to Moore, despite her versatility as an actress, Hollywood didn't always look at her with respect.

While promoting Empire, she said that she's "always looked for things that challenged" her and if there were a provocative question asked by the screenplay and film, she would take on the role.

When talking about her role in GI Jane, she added, "why is that even an issue? So why shouldn't a woman be given an opportunity, if she's interested, to be on active duty in the military?"

However, Demi did admit that the interpretations of her roles are entirely subjective, but despite that, Moore argued she has done her part in pushing for diverse representations of women in Hollywood and film in general.

She added, "It's not for everybody, but if you have an interest and you're good at it, why not?" According to the actress, she always wanted to push the envelope, and that was her goal right from the start.

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