Demi Moore Says She And Former Husband Ashton Kutcher 'Don't Hang Out'

Demi Moore Says She And Former Husband Ashton Kutcher 'Don't Hang Out'
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Eight years after their split, it turns out that Demi Moore and her former husband, Ashton Kutcher are no longer in contact anymore, almost at all! This is what the actress reveals in her new memoir.

At the time, things ended between the Hollywood actors because he had a cheating scandal.

That being said, while Demi and another of her ex-husbands, Bruce Willis, have stayed on good terms and still hang out from time to time, the same thing cannot be said about her and Kutcher.

They separated in 2011 after he was caught cheating, and in 2013, the divorce was finalized.

Nowadays, they rarely cross paths which means that there is almost no interaction between them.

While chatting with WSJ magazine, Demi says: ‘We have some things that overlap. It’s friendly. But we’re not…hanging out.’

'Inside Out,' Demi’s memoir, is as honest as possible and that means revealing a lot about her past marriage with Kutcher as well.

That might not be the best situation for him, however, especially since he has been married to Mila Kunis since 2015.

Moore went on to tell the publication that neither of her former husbands has managed to take a look at her tell all book before its publishing.

But, the star assured the outlet that ‘I’d definitely like to engage with them before it comes out. I have a sensitivity to anything that might make them uncomfortable. I had no interest in anybody being a bad guy.’

Even though the memoir is yet to be released, the actress has already revealed a lot of details about her life that fans will be able to read about in its pages, including the fact that she was raped at 15 years old or that she and Kutcher had a couple of threesomes at his request, which later led to his infidelity.

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