Demi Moore Reveals Traumatic Rape And Betrayal By Her Mother When She Was 15-Years-Old In New Memoir

Demi Moore Reveals Traumatic Rape And Betrayal By Her Mother When She Was 15-Years-Old In New Memoir
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Demi Moore has written her memoir titled "Inside Out" and on Monday morning, she spoke to ABC's Diane Sawyer and opened up about several extremely personal issues. Giving a raw look at who the woman Demi Moore is and where she came from, the raven-haired beauty revealed that she has overcome a tumultuous childhood that included rape when she was 15-years-old — a rape that her own mother allowed to happen and was even paid for. The interview has gone viral as millions of people are shocked, horrified, and saddened to hear the troubled start in life Demi Moore experienced.

According to the interview, Demi's mother, Virginia King, was a teen mom when Demi was born. Her birth father was out of the picture and the man whom Demi believed was her father wasn't. After he left the family, Demi's mother began to drink more and repeatedly attempted suicide. At this point, Demi found herself being her mother's caregiver rather than being cared for.

Things took a dark turn when Demi's mother began bringing her young, beautiful teenage daughter to bars with her in hopes of attracting more male attention. Demi then described a situation that occurred when she was 15.

Demi explained that a man her mother met had access to her home, raped her, and then told her the haunting words, "How does it feel to be whored out for $500?"

When Diane asked her if she felt her mother actually sold her, Demi responded that she didn't feel that way. Demi replied as follows.

"I think in my deep heart, no. I don't think it was a straight forward transaction but she still did give him access and put me in harm's way."

You may watch the video interview below.

There will be a second part to the interview that will take place on Tuesday morning when Demi will speak more about her personal relationship with ex-husbands Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher.

What do you think of Demi's interview with Diane Sawyer? Are you going to read her memoir "Inside Out?" Do you plan to tune in on Tuesday morning for the remainder of Diane Sawyer's interview?

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