Demi Moore Hilariously Roasts Former Husband Bruce Willis At Comedy Central

Demi Moore Hilariously Roasts Former Husband Bruce Willis At Comedy Central
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The time for Bruce Willis to be roasted at Comedy Central has come and who could’ve been more fitted to do it than his former wife, Demi Moore? That being said, the woman did a great job, bringing a lot of laughs while dissing her ex.

Moore started her comedic number by insulting his memory.

‘Are you surprised, Bruce Willis? I knew he'd be even though I went over everything yesterday. I knew he would forget. For those of you who do not know me, I am Demi Moore. I was married to Bruce Willis for the first three Die Hard movies, which makes sense because the last two sucked. We had some great times together. We shared a lot. I had three beautiful, amazing children...four if you count Bruce.’

While that is funny enough, she did not stop at insulting the maturity of her husband but also poked fun at Ashton Kutcher and herself for that matter, by adding the dogs and the much younger husband to the list of kids she’d had to take care of over the years.

As you may be aware, Moore and Kutcher, who have a 15 years gap, were married for six years!

Moore and Willis’ three daughters, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, were also in the audience, laughing at their mom’s savage roasting of their dad.

‘We did argue over the kids' names, and in the end, Bruce won—that's how they got stuck with. But, I have to say our daughters are incredibly well adjusted considering two of them are half Bruce Willis. After our divorce, he said he considered the end of our marriage to be his biggest failure, but Bruce don't be so hard on yourself—you have had much bigger failures,’ the actress joked.

She went on to slam her former husband’s career decisions, as he apparently turned down George Clooney's iconic Ocean's Eleven role just to ‘focus on playing the harmonica.’

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After roasting him one last time by comparing their marriage to his Sixth Sense famous movie, saying he was ‘dead the whole time,’ she told him he was one of her ‘top three husbands,’ a great father and friend.

Finally, the friendly exes hugged, and Willis told her she did great!

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