Demi Lovato's Sober Companion Has Friends Worried: "He Was Still Using Drugs Four Months Ago"

Demi Lovato's Sober Companion Has Friends Worried: "He Was Still Using Drugs Four Months Ago"
Credit: Source: The Blast

Demi Lovato is out of rehab and looking better than ever. She was spotted with a man named Henry Levy who is allegedly her sober companion; however, those who know the man are worried that he isn't as sober as he wants everyone to think.

Henry Levy allegedly has a long history of drug use and shady behavior. His friends spoke to Radar Online where they revealed a great deal about him.

He's reportedly overdosed in the past and receives a medical shot in his buttocks in order to stop doing heroin. Over the summer, the designer switched his drugs of choice to cocaine and speed.

The tea-spiller, who was also a drug addict, told the publication that: "He’s been to rehabs all over the world – Mexico, Europe – but he was still using drugs and shooting up only a few months ago. I don’t think he takes rehab or sobriety seriously at all. He said he likes the way he can go from working with someone like Kanye West to hanging out with homeless people on Skid Row."

"I can’t imagine any way in which he could be a good or positive influence on Demi, at least not for long," the source added.

Meanwhile, another person came forward in defense of Henry.

"The designer has never tried to hide his past struggles with addiction, and he is currently clean, sober and focused on maintaining his sobriety. He’s passionate about his art and his business."

Lately, the pop star has been spotted post-rehab slowly getting back to her normal life. She was out and about at the annual Halloween Horror Nights and even made a special appearance on social media to urge her followers to vote.

Both Lovato's mom and sister have come forward to say that Demi is doing better each day. Hopefully, she and Henry will be good influences on each other.

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