Demi Lovato's Family Forces Her To Drop Newly Sober Henry Levy From Her Inside Circle

Demi Lovato's Family Forces Her To Drop Newly Sober Henry Levy From Her Inside Circle
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Demi Lovato's family wants her to avoid Henry Levy at all cost. The two have been spotted together on multiple occasions, sparking rumors that a romance is in the works.

But Lovato's mom, Dianna Hart, does not think she should be hanging out with Levy, who only recently got sober .

An inside source revealed that Hart intervened in her daughter's love life and forced her to drop Levy altogether. "Henry is newly sober and he is not the type of guy that Demi should be associating herself with right now," the source explained.

The source also told Radar Online that Levy associates with people in Hollywood who run in bad circles. Hart does not feel like Lovato is in a place where she can associate with people like Levy, which is why she urged her out of the relationship.

Levy has been in and out of sober living houses and rehab over the past few years. Like Lovato, Levy struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

Although Hart made it clear that Lovato should steer clear of Levy, she may have ignored the advice. A source revealed that Lovato is not interested in ditching Levy and wants him to stay in her life.

The insider says that Lovato's family is worried about what might happen if she continues to hang out with Levy. But at the end of the day, they cannot force her to stop seeing Levy. They also know that she has to be the one who decides a change is in order.

Lovato's addiction to drugs almost ended her life earlier this year. In July, Lovato almost died after experiencing a drug overdose in her mansion in Hollywood Hills.

She has not commented on the rumors surrounding Levy.

Levy was recently involved in a lawsuit after a former employee accused him of fraud, drug use, and discrimination. Brendan Thompson, who worked for Levy in 2014, claims that his boss constantly made racially insensitive comments and used illegal drugs at work.

Thompson is suing Levy for $5 million.

Demi Lovato has remained mum since leaving rehab, only taking to social media to encourage her fans to vote in the midterms.

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