Demi Lovato's Ex-Boyfriend Henri Levy Accused Of Buying Drugs With Stolen Credit Card!

Demi Lovato's Ex-Boyfriend Henri Levy Accused Of Buying Drugs With Stolen Credit Card!
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Henry Levi has had a bad reputation surrounding him for years. It wasn't until he started dating Demi Lovato that people outside of Hollywood began to take notice.

The fashion designer who has worked with some big names (i.e Kanye West) has been entangled in a nasty court battle since last year with ex-employees. In the most recent report available, Brenden Thompson is accusing him of abuse of power among other shocking things.

Radar Online got hold of documents filed by Thompson that read: "In or around April 2018, Mr. Thompson began to learn of defamatory statements being made about him by Defendant Libin. These statements dealt with Ms. Libin’s misled belief that her son, Defendant Levy, had not devised and engaged in a sort of Ponzi scheme whereby he stole credit card information from ERD’s clients, his family, friends and unknowing and consenting third parties."

They went on to say: "In doing so would create fake invoices for ERD goods, charge these fake patrons, often by using their stolen credit card information, all in an effort to make ERD seem sustainable and supply him ample money for drugs, artwork and debauchery."

Levy is accused of using other people's money to fund his lavish lifestyle.

Henri has never shied away from the fact that he's an addict. However, he has claimed that he's been clean for a while now.

Those closest to Demi feared that the bad boy would have a negative effect on her, especially her mother Dianna Hart.

Hart is part of the reason the couple split after four months of dating.

"No one knows what is up with Henri, but her friends were told by Demi’s mom to keep him away from her at all costs. She is back in contact with her sober pals and everyone is so relieved. She does not have another run in her and she knows how important it is for her to remain sober right now," an insider revealed.

Do you think breaking up with Henri was the best choice for Demi?

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