Demi Lovato Uses Simple Yet Gorgeous Picture To Make Powerful Point About Her Body

Demi Lovato Uses Simple Yet Gorgeous Picture To Make Powerful Point About Her Body
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Demi Lovato is opening up about things that are very dear to her heart. The 28-year-old music star, who has dealt with body image issues in the past, is feeling more secure in her skin these days.

Lovato also decided to talk about her sexuality on National Coming Out Day, telling the world that she is "fluid."

Here is what the "I Love Me" singer said about her body: "Fun fact: I never had boobs until I started eating what I wanted. My whole life, I hated my small tittaayyys, and then when I finally let go of my eating issues, I GOT THE BOOBS I WANTED!!! 😂😂 This is no push-up bra or boob-job y’all!!! IT’S ALL ME!! And you know what, they’re gonna change too!!! AND I’LL BE OKAY WITH THAT AS WELL!! But let this be a lesson y’all.. our bodies will do what they are SUPPOSED to when we let go of trying to control what it does for us. Oh, the irony... 💞 Did you have a similar experience when making peace with your eating issues?? I’d love to hear!!!"

One commenter, who has struggled with similar issues, replied: "D, I had eating issues because I am a dancer and people use to said to me that I NEEDED to be thin, so I got thinner. But I was unhappy with my body. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t the body that I wanted, and I wasn’t eating what I wanted as well. Now I am at peace with myself, I accepted my NORMAL weight, and now I eat tf that I want to when I want to, and I can finally say: I love myself, I love my body, and I have a good relationship with the food because the food it’s NOT our enemy. I am free!"

A second follower stated, "We’re all so proud of you, sweetie. I know how hard it is right now for you; we all do. You’re facing so many battles, which you WILL win, but to see you being confident and still you despite all that’s happening shows how much strength you have!
You’re stronger than you realize, Demi, hope you know that. Never give up 🖤."


Lovato has said that she found out she was queer while watching Cruel Intentions .

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