Demi Lovato Shamed For Having A 'Fuller Figure' By Publication - The Star Fires Back!

Demi Lovato Shamed For Having A 'Fuller Figure' By Publication - The Star Fires Back!
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Like always, Demi Lovato made sure to speak out when she felt like people were criticizing her. The singer took to social media to argue that she is not just her weight after a news outlet published an article about her ‘fuller figure.’

Demi did not just defend herself, but she also used this opportunity to explain that those types of ‘news’ can really affect others struggling with body image issues.

Posting a screenshot of the article on her Instagram, the celeb declared: ‘I am more than my weight.

In another post, Lovato proceeded to argue that while she used to in the past, these days she doesn’t get ‘triggered, I'm not upset that someone wrote a headline about my 'fuller figure.’’

But, as mentioned before, she felt like she needed to use her voice and speak up on behalf of her fans who deal with body image issues.

‘I'm angry that people think it's okay to write headlines about people's body shapes. Especially a woman who has been so open about being in recovery from an eating disorder. I'm not upset for myself but for anyone easily influenced by the diet culture. Too many people today base their ideal body weight off of what OTHERS tell us we should look like or weigh. Articles like these only contribute to that toxic way of thinking.’

Demi then addressed whomever it may concern directly, telling them: ‘If you're reading this: Don't listen to negative diet culture talk. You are more than a number on a scale. And I am more than a headline about my body shape. [Change can only be made by] raising your voice, speaking your truth and spreading love and compassion, not hate.’

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