Demi Lovato Says She's Determined To Have 'Meaningful Relationships' In The New Decade Be It With Men Or Women

Demi Lovato Says She's Determined To Have 'Meaningful Relationships' In The New Decade Be It With Men Or Women
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During her Apple Music interview, Demi Lovato opened up about her love life, revealing that she really wants to build ‘meaningful relationships’ this new decade no matter what! Furthermore, she also revealed that it doesn’t matter if her partner is a man or a woman since it turns out that her sexuality is ‘fluid.’

During the interview, just before her big return to the Grammy Awards, Demi was willing to tell all, including all about her goals for the entire decade!

That being said, she made it clear that, more than anything else, she wants to build meaningful and lasting relationships in the next ten years!

And who knows? Maybe she’ll find the one and start a family of her own!

‘When I think about what makes me happy today, I think about my family. I think about my friends. I think about my team. Meaningful relationships. And I do not know what that looks like. I do not even know if I see it with a man or with a woman, but I know that at some point I'd love to do that this decade,’ she dished during the interview for Apple Music.

At some point, she revealed that for a while, she did not have the comfort of being part of a supporting community such as a church.

She explained that she ‘shied away’ from going to one simply because she did not ‘feel welcome.’

‘I was also, like, questioning my sexuality,’ Demi then noted.

Thankfully for her, she’s ‘just found a place out here in LA that accepts me for who I am no matter who I love, and there is no judgment.’

The artist has actually mentioned she’s not exactly straight, without putting a label on it, back in 2018 as well!

While chatting with Billboard at the time, she shared that ‘I’m very fluid. I think love's love. You can find it with any gender. I like the freedom of just being able to flirt with whomever I want.’

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