Demi Lovato Says She Won't Talk About Her "Intimate" Private Life Unless It's On Her "Own Terms"

Demi Lovato Says She Won't Talk About Her "Intimate" Private Life Unless It's On Her "Own Terms"

Demi Lovato doesn't plan on talking about her sexuality until the time is right! During an interview, the singer opened up about her feelings regarding her own orientation.

The star - who has always been an ardent supporter of LGBT rights - revealed that she wants to be known for her music and not her choice of intimate partner.

She explained that "everyone is always looking for a headline," and they want their magazine, TV station, or media company to be the first one to get the details.

However, Lovato stated that "it's irrelevant to what my music is all about." With that said, some fans on social media have been critical of this idea, considering her sexuality and physical appearance play a significant role in how her music is perceived.

Lovato said to Pride Source on the 15th of September the world we all live in is one characterized by the need for "soundbites" and exciting gossip as well as information.

Fans of Lovato will remember that her track, "Cool For The Summer," touched on issues of sexuality. She was also seen holding hands with a woman at Disneyland on social media.

During the chat with Pride Source, Lovato also divulged on the importance of not involving oneself with substance abuse to help with "discovering a person's identity."

She explained that a lot of individuals in that community use drugs as a means to find their identity or as a tool of escape. But Demi wants to stress that drugs and alcohol will not help. She previously said to Us Weekly that she works on "being sober every single day."

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