Demi Lovato Responds To Backlash Over Her Trip To Israel - 'This Was Meant To Be A Spiritual Experience For Me'

Demi Lovato Responds To Backlash Over Her Trip To Israel - 'This Was Meant To Be A Spiritual Experience For Me'
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Demi Lovato recently took a trip to Israel to visit the places she “read about in the Bible growing up,” and she posted pics from her “magical” experience because she wanted to share with her 75 million Instagram followers just how important the trip was for her. But, it didn’t take long for the skeptics to blast her on social media and accuse her of making a political statement over the never-ending Israel-Palestine conflict.

The backlash over the trip surprised the 26-year-old singer, who was simply in search of a “sense of spirituality” and “connection to God” after her near-overdose in 2016. Lovato posted four pics from Israel, including one where she touched the Western Wall and another where she was baptized in the Jordan River.

But, instead of showing support for the troubled singer in her spiritual journey, some people took it as a political endorsement of Israel, which Lovato never intended. Going against the advice of her inner circle, Lovato posted an apology on her Instagram Stories, telling her fans that she was “extremely frustrated” over the backlash, and no one told her that going to Israel could possibly offend anyone.

Lovato said that she never meant for the trip to be offensive, and it was meant to be a spiritual experience for her, not a political statement. However, now she realizes she hurt people, and she is sorry about that.

“Sorry I’m not more educated, and sorry for thinking this trip was just a spiritual experience,” wrote the Sorry, Not Sorry singer. “Going against all advice right now and apologizing because it feels right to me and I’d rather get in trouble for being authentic to myself than staying quiet to please other people. 'I love my fans, all of them, from all over the world.”

Lovato didn’t do anything wrong, and the fact is that people from all over the world go to Israel to get baptized in the Jordan River. In the caption of the Israel photo gallery, Lovato wrote that she is an American singer who was raised Christian and has Jewish ancestors. She explained that when she was offered the chance to go to Israel she said “yes,” and after getting baptized she had never felt more renewed.

Demi Lovato said that the trip was important for her well-being, her heart, and her soul, and she was grateful for the opportunity to “fill the God-sized hole” in her heart.

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