Demi Lovato: Here's What She Likes About Mike Johnson!

Demi Lovato: Here's What She Likes About Mike Johnson!
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It is no secret that Demi Lovato and former Bachelorette contestant Mike Johnson are trying to date after flirting on social media for a while. The two were caught together a couple of days ago and it is quite clear that they are getting to know one another to figure out if their personalities match since the attraction is clearly already there.

That being said, one insider report claims the singer has some feelings regarding their connection already.

The star has been enjoying her time with the hunk and she feels like it is an exciting new experience for her.

But while the same can be said about him, it turns out that Mike is pretty ‘concerned with her crazy schedule’ as well.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Demi and Mike are getting to know one another. It is still very, very new but they seem to really like each other. He’s very into her and getting to know her, but he is concerned with her crazy schedule. He is a very normal guy and Demi loves that.’

The two were seen during an outing in Beverly Hills not too long ago but the insider mentioned that it was not the first time they were hanging out.

‘They have been out a few times only but are looking to keep it going. Right now, it is that exciting, fun and early time where they are just truly getting to know each other. They really are trying to keep it private right now. Demi has a good feeling about Mike.’

Do you think these two should make it official already or not? Would they last?


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