Demi Lovato Has Reportedly Done Short Stints Back In Rehab After Splitting With Troubled Henri Levy

Demi Lovato Has Reportedly Done Short Stints Back In Rehab After Splitting With Troubled Henri Levy
Credit: Source: E Online

Demi Lovato has had a rough couple of weeks. After ending things with her new boyfriend, Henri Levy, the singer has been keeping sober by checking into rehab for short periods of time. Despite a history of drug abuse, sources claim that Lovato is in a good place with her sobriety.

Last summer, Lovato was rushed to the hospital after suffering an almost fatal drug overdose. After she recovered from her health issues, Lovato enrolled herself in a treatment program. She left rehab back in November and has been getting help from a sober living coach ever since.

According to Radar Online , an inside source revealed that Lovato has kept her sobriety over the past few weeks by checking into rehab on at least one occasion. The source says that Lovato went to rehab on her own accord and is doing great now that she is back home in Los Angeles.

"It was one trip to a treatment facility for a few weeks outside of Los Angeles," the source shared. "[She is] taking care of herself and is in a positive place."

Lovato has remained silent about her breakup with Levy. She was recently spotted working out at a gym in Los Angeles and is reportedly looking to record new music soon. Lovato may have experienced some serious issues over the past few months, but it sounds like she has really turned things around.

As far as her love life is concerned, Lovato is looking to get back in the dating pool. Lovato and Levy reportedly parted ways and were last spotted together in mid-January. Lovato's family allegedly disapproved of their romance because they felt like Levy, who also struggles with drug abuse, was a bad influence on her.

It is unclear why Lovato and Levy parted ways, though it may have had something to do with her wanting to remove bad influences from her life. Either way, it is great to know that Demi Lovato is doing better and has not relapsed following the split.

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