Demi Lovato Disses Kathy Griffin - Calls Her A Bully

Demi Lovato Disses Kathy Griffin - Calls Her A Bully
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And the feud continues! Demi Lovato is not into Kathy Griffin at all these days. After the 24-year-old singer had sent out a mysterious tweet saying, 'I find it funny when bullies play the victims,' fans on Twitter decided it was clear of who the singer was referring to.

She followed the initial message saying, 'Oops. I spilled my tea.'

It didn't take Demi's fans long to figure out who she was talking about. The decision was unanimous that the target of the cryptic tweets was Kathy Griffin.

As CI readers know, Griffin held a very remorseful press conference where she had to explain why she held a fake and bloody head that resembled Donald Trump in a photograph.

During the event, the comedienne said to the crowd that the 'Trumps' are attempting to ruin her life and she went so far as to say the President, ironically, was a bully.

It only seems fair Kathy has come under fire considering the gory nature of the photo.

Apparently, Demi appears to agree.

However, we must be honest; her opinion may be biased considering this isn't the first time Lovato and Griffin have sparred on social media.

They've had bad blood for years.

In 2014, during a question and answer session, Kathy was asked who she thought was the 'biggest douche celebrity' she's ever met, and the comedienne responded by saying, 'Debbie Lovato.'

Despite the mean comment, we have to give her credit for originality for intentionally mispronouncing her name. Nevertheless, Demi didn't appreciate the reference.

Lovato said she was only a douche to people that she 'could not stand,' and the feud went on! After Lovato performed at the VMA's in 2015, Kathy accused the singer of lip-syncing. Will these two ever get along? Probably not.


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