Demi Lovato - Director Of Her Upcoming Documentary Says Fans Will Be 'Blown Away!'

Demi Lovato - Director Of Her Upcoming Documentary Says Fans Will Be 'Blown Away!'
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Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil is set to be released in 4 parts on YouTube later this month. According to the director of Demi Lovato's upcoming documentary, even her most loyal and diehard fans who have been following the star for many years will be 'blown away' by it.

The documentary will be focusing on her personal struggles with addiction, especially her drug overdose that almost killed her in 2018.

Michael D. Ratner, the film's director, shared via E! News that he believes the documentary will contain 'a lot that her fans do not know.'

'I think she has been really open. You know, we live in a society in which our access to celebrities has never been more direct. But, I believe that there's a lot of things happening in her life she has to be ready to share, and she is finally using this platform, the documentary, to share them. You are hard pressed to find a few minutes pocket where there is not some revelation, and raw honesty. So, yes, I think her fans are gonna be pretty blown away and learn a lot.'

The man went on to mention that even Demi, who's already checked out the project, was moved by it, especially by one moment in particular - the first performance on stage following her overdose.

'It was really intense, we watched it and about 10 seconds in, she paused it. We were in a theater and she paused it and she started breaking down. She looked at me and, we're in a pandemic, and she looked back and she remembered that time in her life when she was on the road, and I think it brought back so many emotions. I don't think it was necessarily the concert itself, it just transported her and it's heavy. We finally continued on and, it was amazing to see her watch that and she had physical reactions at times to parts of it, just reliving some of these very heavy moments,' Ratner shared with the same outlet.

He went on to stress that there are some light moments as well, including some featuring fellow icons giving interviews about how Demi touched their lives.

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