Demi Lovato Desperate To Sell House She OD'd In -- Pop Singer Puts Mansion Up For Rent In The Meantime

Demi Lovato Desperate To Sell House She OD'd In -- Pop Singer Puts Mansion Up For Rent In The Meantime
Credit: Source: Billboard

Demi Lovato has been cleansing all bad energy from her life since leaving rehab. The pop star is having a hard time unloading the place that she overdosed in on that scary day.

The 5,500 square foot L.A mansion was originally listed at $9.4 million before the asking price was reduced by a million more.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin allegedly was shown the place but decided to settle on a home with less notoriety instead.

After spending months on the market, Demi has decided to rent it out for a mere $39,500 per month. If you can afford the monthly payments, you'll enjoy a great view along with many other amenities that you can only get living in the former house of a superstar.

Lovato has completed a stay in a rehabilitation center and still attends outpatient meetings. She is back on the right track as she takes a break from the spotlight.

In addition to changing her surroundings, the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer has removed toxic people from her life including friends who did interviews about her while she was in the hospital.

Fans were alarmed when she unfollowed Selena Gomez and it may be stemming from an interview that the "Come and Get It" singer did with Elle.

One source had a theory that read: "I am pretty sure she unfollowed Selena because of the Elle interview because according to her ‘real friends do not do interviews about friends who OD’ and all Selena said was ‘I reached out privately’ that was it she did not give any more details. She being extra Af,"

The 26-year-old has changed her diet, workout routine, and focus to things that are important to her.

Why do you think that the house is not selling as quickly as Demi would like? What do you think should be her next move if she can't find a renter?

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