Demi Lovato - After Selena Gomez, She Unfollows Nick Jonas Too!

Demi Lovato - After Selena Gomez, She Unfollows Nick Jonas Too!

It looks like it’s Nick Jonas’ turn to get unfollowed on social media by Demi Lovato after she did the same to Selena Gomez! Why is Demi getting rid of her pals from her feed?

It’s only been a week since Demi unexpectedly unfollowed her ex BFF on Instagram and now, she made another ‘victim’ – Nick Jonas!

It’s possible that there is no feud going on and she is doing it for a different reason since she’s still following the Jonas brother on Twitter while he’s following her on both Twitter and Instagram!

At the same time, Demi’s Instagram purge does not include the other Jonas brothers - her ex Joe as well as Kevin and his wife, Danielle.

Even their parents Denise and Kevin Jonas are still on her list of ‘followed!’

The unexpected decision to unfollow Nick is really notable since the two singers are so close - and hopefully still are?

Fans remember that not only have they toured together, they were also business partners within Safehouse Records.

Furthermore, back in 2016, Nick was the one to present Demi with her Vanguard award at the GLAAD Awards!

Everyone freaked out when they noticed last week that Demi had unfollowed Selena as well, but since she was the first to do it back in January, it’s not too surprising.

Furthermore, Demi had also unfollowed another close friend, Iggy Azalea!

That made a lot of headlines as well since the two were so close Demi was supposed to be a bridesmaid at the rapper’s wedding to Nick Young, which was eventually canceled.

And Iggy is not following her either!

Fans have been coming up with all kinds of theories as to why the singer is unfollowing people on the platform but neither has been confirmed at this time.


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