Demi Burnett Doesn't Want Bestie Hannah Brown To Fall For Her Handsome DWTS Partner

Demi Burnett Doesn't Want Bestie Hannah Brown To Fall For Her Handsome DWTS Partner
Credit: Source: ET

Hannah Brown had the most disappointing Bachelorette season yet when she was slut-shamed by one of her TOP suitors, lied to by her final choice, and left for Gigi Hadid by her rebound. Now that the reality star is paired with Dancing With the Stars most eligible bachelor, her bestie Demi Burnett wants her to keep her head in the game.

After going through so much heartbreak, Hannah has said that she is focusing on herself. That can be hard to do when you're paired with the very handsome Alan Bersten who Brown is spending hours upon end with learning the routines for DWTS.

The two earned the top scores during the last episode of the dance competition and their chemistry definitely took center stage.

Demi appeared on Nick Viall's podcast where she revealed how she felt about the fan-favorite couple.

'I know that she’s nervous but she’s so excited. Whenever shes out there, she’s having so much fun, which helps her nerves. I think her partner is really good for her.'

However, Burnett warned Brown to keep it strictly professional.

'I don’t know! I told her, ‘Don’t s**t where you eat.’ You know? He’s the best. I could talk to him all night. I don’t know if there’s any chemistry. I don’t want anyone putting all that pressure on her. I feel like everyone is like, ‘Ooh, they’re gonna fall for each other?’ Who knows!'

Viall, on the other hand, called out ABC for playing chess and not checkers with the pairing.

'When she got cast, I was like, she’s definitely gonna be with Alan, because he’s, like, currently the hot, single professional and come on, Hannah is clearly single.'

Demi doubled down on the accusation by noting: 'That would be a dream. It would look so amazing for ABC. On The Bachelorette, we accidentally gave her a really crappy fiancé so let’s give her a hot and single dance partner on Dancing With the Stars!'

Do you think Hannah and Alan will end up dating?


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