Delta Responds To Busy Phillips's Angry Tweeting After They Separated Busy And Her Daughter

Delta Responds To Busy Phillips's Angry Tweeting After They Separated Busy And Her Daughter
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Delta Air Lines apologized to Busy Phillips after they separated the actress and her child on the airplane on Friday to Minnesota. Previously, Busy complained that the airline canceled their flight and then rebooked it later, subsequently putting them on two different airplanes.

Phillips' daughter, Birdie Leigh, is only 9-years-old. Busy took to her Twitter account to complain about the situation, insinuating that it was a massive inconvenience, obviously, as well as a danger to her child.

However, the actress has since deleted her tweet. According to the statement released by the airline carrier, Busy and her daughter were booked under two different itineraries, making it so that when they rebooked it, both of them were put on different flights, through their computer's algorithm.

In a statement to Fox News, they explicitly took responsibility: "we apologize for the inconvenience this caused Ms. Phillips." As it was previously reported, Busy, using her Instagram account, explained that the airliner put them on two different airplanes taking alternate routes to the same location.

However, the one flight had a connecting flight different from her daughter's, so there is no doubt that chaos would ensue had Busy and her daughter been separated, especially because her daughter is just nine-years-old.

According to the actress, she was supposed to go to St. Paul, Minnesota, and her daughter was going to Detroit.

However, Busy chose not to get on the airplane, for obvious reasons, and instead, waited until 2:30 am to get another one where she could travel with both of her daughters, Cricket Pearl, and Birdie, who are 4 and 9 respectively.

As you may know, in the last year, airlines have been under heavy criticism ever since United Airlines dragged a customer off the plane kicking and screaming. It was one of the biggest scandals on an airplane and with the advent of social media, customers have a means of publicizing to a massive audience whenever they receive bad customer service.

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