Debby Ryan And Josh Dun - Inside Their Baby Plans After Getting Married In Secret!

Debby Ryan And Josh Dun - Inside Their Baby Plans After Getting Married In Secret!
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Debby Ryan and Joshua Dun have been making headlines after it was revealed that they previously tied the knot in secret! That being said, one insider now shared all about their family-starting plans!

The source shared via HollywoodLife that the singer and the actress are not wasting their time and actually trying for a baby already!

Their wedding took place on New Year’s Eve but the public had no idea until now.

But, as it turns out, that is not where the surprises end for them since they could be announcing something else sooner rather than later!

The insider mentioned that they have babies on their mind and are not planning on waiting a long time before becoming parents together.

‘It is likely that they'll start their family very soon. No one be surprised one bit if more life changing announcements come within the next few months,’ they shared with the news outlet.

As for their wedding being announced, it happened just yesterday when the actress and Twenty One Pilots drummer appeared in Vogue and discussed their nuptials with the magazine during the interview.

They made sure to gush over their married life and it’s safe to say that they sound very happy and in love.

‘All is going so well with them and they’re so in love. They are living the honeymoon phase of their relationship and loving it. Debby's so happy she had her wedding when she did because now, with the world we live in, she does not know if it would've happened. It’s special for her to relive all her amazing wedding memories now that the news is out,’ the source dished.

They two have been romantically involved on and off ever since 2013 and they got engaged in December.

Sure enough, they were married just before 2020 started so they wasted no more time!

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Posted on Nov 29, 2020 7:57 PM PST