Debby Ryan And Alyssa Milano Defend ‘Insatiable’ Amid Fat-Shaming Controversy

Debby Ryan And Alyssa Milano Defend ‘Insatiable’ Amid Fat-Shaming Controversy
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The new Netflix show was met with a lot of controversy even before its release. However, Insatiable co-stars Debby Ryan and Alyssa Milano are defending it against the fat-shaming accusations.

The actresses were in attendance at the show’s Hollywood premiere, and while there, they talked to ET, opening up about the scandal.

As you may be aware, Insatiable is a comedy series following the story of a High School girl named Patty, played by Debby Ryan, who loses a lot of weight over the summer.

The 12 episode-long first season of the show premiered today, and you can watch it on Netflix!

‘I think we hear and acknowledge some of the backlash. I think for us, I know that the show that I signed on for - and I am very proud of what we have done - and it makes me really happy that people are seeing it,’ Debby Ryan told ET.

Milano also addressed the controversy saying: ‘I think that people bring with them their own emotional history, and I think that is what makes art amazing and what makes TV entertaining. I am completely aware that it is not a show for everybody, but we are really proud of what we did. And I think, at the very least, it will be a conversation starter. Thematically, throughout the season people will look at it and be able to pinpoint all of the issues we deal with and have a conversation about them.’

But while the initial response has been noticeably negative, Ryan has also noticed there are a lot of fans who support Insatiable.

‘While I’m totally aware of it, there’s so much overwhelmingly positive excitement and people being like, ‘Literally me’ and relating and being so hyped and planning parties and themed things and making memes and it’s cool to see that. It is already part of the culture and conversation,’ the lead actress told the news outlet.

What is your opinion on Insatiable?


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