Dean McDermott Talks Sex Life With Tori Spelling And It Is TMI

Dean McDermott Talks Sex Life With Tori Spelling And It Is TMI
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Dean McDermott is talking about his sex life with Tori Spelling after 13-years of marriage.

On the latest episode of his podcast, Daddy's Issues, McDermott along with his cohosts, hosts, Adam Hunter and Nicky Paris got candid about their sex lives. Even their guest, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills s tar Denise Richards got in on the TMI sex talk.

The conversation started off revealing how many times a day, they each had sex with their respective partners. Richards admitted she and her new husband Aaron Phypers get intimate daily. McDermott also decided to reveal, he and Spelling get their sexy on each day too.

Hunter changed the dynamic of the conversation with his admission he and his wife use a THC sex lubrication when they get frisky. McDermott quickly chimed in not only with his thoughts on using a THC lubricant but also his adventures with it.

"Isn't it awesome? It's great, you just put it on, and the vagina gets tighter, and then you last longer," Spelling's husband shared after Hunter clued Richards in on what they were discussing.

Richards was not sold on the topic, admitting she is not a fan of THC products. McDermott, on the other hand, could not stop talking about it. He even called it "amazing" and "fantastic."

Hunter tried to explain to the actress the lubricant doesn't get one high like smoking weed. It is all because of the low amount of THC in each product. McDermott also shared the one he and Spelling uses has minimal THC. It is more of a CBD thing he explained.

"Do you talk about this publicly, or are we going to get in trouble for this conversation?" Richards asked McDermott.

Spelling's main man said it was fine, joking how people would just write about his remarks. McDermott then revealed how much his wife loves to use the CBD lube. He even dared to say she liked it just as much as him.

Dean McDermott dished on his sex life with Tori Spelling on his Daddy's Issues podcast. The hosts ended the talk by suggesting Denise Richards get her RHOBH costars to use the THC or CBD lubricant.

"You just cut to a nice restaurant, where the Housewives are supposed to meet for lunch, and no one is there, 'cause they are all shagging with the THC oil," McDermott laughed.

Since he started his podcast, McDermott has been candid about his life with Spelling. He even opened up regarding his infamous cheating incident three years ago. No subject is taboo for McDermott, Hunter ed and Paris.

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