Dean McDermott Begs Fans To 'Stop Dragging' His Wife, Tori Spelling, After The Backlash Over Her Virtual Meet and Greet

Dean McDermott Begs Fans To 'Stop Dragging' His Wife, Tori Spelling, After The Backlash Over Her Virtual Meet and Greet
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Dean McDermott is begging fans to “stop dragging” his wife, Tori Spelling , after she received major backlash for charging $95 for a video chat. One day after Spelling took down her post revealing how excited she was for her first ever “virtual meet and greet,” McDermott addressed the controversy with his own video.

McDermott began the video by saying that he has found himself having to come to his wife’s defense yet again, and he’s really disappointed because Spelling is “catching flack and being dragged” for charging money for her live meet and greet.

“People are upset that given the current situation we’re in — in the lockdown for the coronavirus — that she’s charging people money to do a meet and greet,” said the former Chopped Canada host. “A company approached her and thought, ‘Hey, what a great idea,’ because everyone’s on lockdown and everyone needs entertainment. Why not have a meet and greet to bring some levity and some fun and some humor and love to this situation?”

McDermott went on to ask what is wrong with his wife doing something that provides entertainment for people while trying to provide for her family. He explained that the Beverly Hills 90210 alum didn’t have a job to go to and there was nothing wrong with Spelling wanting to talk with fans and send them some light and love while having fun.

Spelling’s husband also pointed out that numerous celebrities were posting “stuff” during the COVID-19 lockdown and making money every day. But, when Spelling tries to do the exact same thing, she gets dragged and people are giving her a hard time.

Earlier this week, Spelling announced the virtual meet and greet in a now-deleted Instagram post. When one fan tried to reserve one of the 20 spots available, they called the actress out for the perceived high price tag.

The fan accused Spelling of “still thinking how to gain money from us” when “people are dying.”

However, not everyone was upset about Spelling’s latest money making endeavour. Some fans defended the mom of five and understood that she was doing everything she could to support her family.

As for Dean McDermott, while responding to the backlash against his wife, he started to raise his voice in the video and point his finger toward the camera.

“My wife is one of the hardest working women in the business,” said McDermott. “She is simply providing for her family so everybody needs to back off and just take a breath and relax.

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