Days Of Our Lives Star Cody Longo Charged With Domestic Abuse

Days Of Our Lives Star Cody Longo Charged With Domestic Abuse
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TMZ has learned that Cody Longo, the Days of our Lives alum, has been accused of assaulting his wife after coming home drunk. The outlet claims the former small-screen star has since been arrested and charged with domestic assault.

According to the publication, Cody reportedly came home intoxicated and shoved his wife during an argument, at least from what his wife said to the authorities. Sources who spoke with TMZ claimed the actor's wife had been the target of infidelity allegations from Cody after he came home late at night on Thursday.

They began arguing and the interaction soon turned violent. The police claim Cody shoved her in the face with his arm, and while there were no bruises on her body, she said both her jaw and neck were incredibly sore.

Cody spoke with TMZ, claiming that her claims were not true. More importantly, he said to the outlet that their dispute was private and insinuated that it didn't need to be in the headlines. The police arrested him on a warrant the following day and he had to pay a $2,500 bond.

The authorities also stated there is no history of violence between them despite the recent incident. According to TMZ, Cody has already been in the trouble with the police once before in his life, including back in 2013.

The police arrested Cody 7 years ago on a DUI charge after he was busted driving under the influence in Los Angeles. In exchange for getting off the charges, Cody had to attend an alcohol education class.

Domestic abuse has been in the headlines more lately on account of the coronavirus pandemic . With more people staying at home under significant financial pressures as a result of shuttered businesses, some couples struggle to keep it civil.

In fact, even Angelina Jolie addressed this phenomenon in a recent essay she had written about violence in the home. Jolie has insinuated in the past that her relationship with Brad Pitt, whom she divorced approximately four years ago, had also been tumultuous.

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