Days Of Our Lives Alum Jen Lilley Welcomes Daughter With Husband Jason Wayne

Days Of Our Lives Alum Jen Lilley Welcomes Daughter With Husband Jason Wayne
Credit: Source Hallmark Channel via YouTube

Days of Our Lives alum Jen Lilley has welcomed a daughter with her husband, Jason Wayne.

Fans of the actress know she has been counting down the days until the birth of her baby girl. Lilley has been extremely open throughout her entire pregnancy, including when prodromal labor began at Hallmark Channel TCA 2019.

After 22 hours of labor, Wayne and Lilley finally met their baby girl. Julie Evangeline Wayne was born on Tuesday, July 30th, at 7 am. The little angel weighed in at 6 lbs., 8 oz. and was 19 inches long.

The couple is also parents to Kayden, age 2. They had been fostering their son since he was a baby and his adoption was finalized in June.

Shortly before Lilley discovered she was pregnant with Julie, she and Wayne began fostering Kayden's biological half-brother. The little guy is now 16-months. Lilley and Wayne are hopeful they will get to adopt their foster son as well, especially since he is a biological sibling of Kayden's.

The actress shared what it was like to have both of her boys meet baby Julie for the first time in an exclusive interview with People magazine.

"Kayden ran in asking where baby Julie was and looked for her everywhere but the bassinet. I brought Julie in the living room with her gifts for the boys. They were ecstatic. Kayden kept giggling and kissing her. He's so excited. Our foster son is only 16 months old, but he said 'baby' and smiled, and he loves his new teddy bear and WubbaNub pacifier. Kayden kissed her again before bedtime and went into a cute little giggle fit," gushed the proud mama.

Although the Hallmark channel star had been having "prodromal labor" for days, her water conveniently broke during a routine doctor appointment. For once there was no Los Angeles traffic, and she made it to the hospital in no time flat. Almost a day later baby Julie was born.

Jen Lilley is now a mom to a baby girl. Although she loves being a mom to her two sons, the Days of Our Lives alum is happy to have a daughter for many reasons.

"I'm so relieved. I absolutely love being a mom of boys, but there's a couple of reasons we wanted a girl. One being, we don't have one. More importantly, the reason we wanted the girl is now my sons won't have a bio-son to compare themselves to, and I think that's really, really important," both she shared in her People interview, which also includes phots of her husband Jason Wayne and their now three children.

Congrats to Jen and Jason on the new addition to their family!


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