Days Of Our Lives Alum Alison Sweeney Talks Growing Up On TV And Raising Kids In Hollywood

Days Of Our Lives Alum Alison Sweeney Talks Growing Up On TV And Raising Kids In Hollywood
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Days of Our Lives alum Alison Sweeny is talking what it was like growing up on television and raising balanced kids in Hollywood.

At the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Summer 2019 TCA, Sweeney got candid about what being a child actor taught her.

"There's always someone out there who is prettier and skinnier and fancier," she shared.

It took Sweeney awhile, but she gradually learned to combat the lesson by believing in herself, and finding "confidence within." The former The Biggest Loser host’s family was instrumental in helping her with those lessons because they kept her head on straight. Any kind of behavior that could have landed her in the tabloids or disgrace her family was not going to be tolerated.

"I was really lucky. I'm from LA, so it wasn't a big fish out of water story, and my parents are super grounded and normal and real and tough and strict. "I was never left out on my own to figure that out. I was always really guided by my brothers and my parents, who were all very loving," Sweeney revealed.

She credits her family for giving her a stable life, which helped her transition from child actor to in-demand adult actress. Along with making appearances on the NBC daytime show, Sweeny has become a Hallmark fixture starring in several movies and the new series Chronicle Mysteries: The Deep End .

The actress is instilling the same family values her parents gave her in her two children, son Benjamin, age 14 and daughter Meghan, age 10. Sweeney has been happily married to her husband, and baby daddy David Sanov for 19 years. She and Dave are preparing their kids for the world instead of protecting them from it.

"They're so young, but yes, it happens. 'Everyone has a cell phone mommy; why don't I have one?' It's always something, I do not want to shelter my kids from choices and struggles and life but to say, 'No. That's not your life. People do it, but we don't do that in our family. So that's the big lesson that I think is really important to share with them," she said.

Days of Our Lives alum Alison Sweeny grew up in Hollywood and on television. However, she is one of the few who has managed to survive the temptation and scandal thanks to her family. The lessons she learned growing up are now being passed on to her children.


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